March 28, 2016
HS Life Camp @ Granite Ridge

Life Camp’s High School ministry is now Life Camp@Granite Ridge. It will be a week of its own, in an exciting new location. LC@GR will be four intense days of teaching, discipleship and fun. It will be held June 13-16 at Granite Ridge in Creston

Life Camp@Granite Ridge is designed for students currently in 9-11 grades (’15-’16 school year) who are interested in taking their faith in Jesus Christ to the next level. The cost is $240. Registration Link

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March 28, 2016
2016 Registration OPEN

Registration has opened for the Summer 2016 LIFE Camp.  More information is available on the Registration page. 

June 30, 2016
Last Day of Early Registration

June 30th is the last day to register early and receive the $20 discount. 

July 31, 2015
Registration Closes

July 31st is the close of registration for LIFE Camp 2016. 

August 8-13, 2016
LIFE Camp - Summer 2016

This summer LIFE Camp will be offered the week of August 8-13 at the Lopez Lake Canyon Conference Center just outside of  Arroyo Grande. 

Welcome to Life Camp

LIFE Camp is a camp designed to train Christian kids 3rd through 11th Grade (most recent school year) to be stronger and more effective in the faith. It will be a week of fun and intense spiritual training to bring children closer to their Lord and prepare them to take a stand for Him. It is also a good chance for kids to meet other committed Christians their age. Our name stands for Living In Faith Effectively. We feel there is a need for an effective living out of our faith. We want to be an encouragement to children not to conform to the world, but by faith, to live a dynamic Christian life.

Life Camp: Grades 3rd-8th, August 8-13 @ Lopez Canyon Conference Center

High School Life Camp: Grades 9th-11th, June 13-16 @ Granite Ridge in Creston

Local Weather

When the wind blows it feels colder than it really is due to the evaporative effect it has on your skin. This is a really cool thing.

Why a camp?

Christian camps are a wonderful tool for ministering to children today. They provide a unique opportunity for children to break from their everyday life and enjoy a new setting while being totally immersed into a Christian atmosphere. Camps provide an environment for social interaction unparalleled by other institutions. People who would otherwise never meet become brothers and sisters for a short period of time. Of course, one key to the success of camps is that they are fun. Kids look forward to attending and remember camp as a great experience. This helps camp to have a lasting effect on children. They remember what happened, what they learned, and the decisions they made.